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That's Not How My Teacher Said to Do IT !!!

If you are a parent, these are words you probably dread!  Here's a way to promote harmony in your students' households and make their parents think you're the greatest thing since sliced bread!

We're going to make quick, easy, and cheap (practically free) audio files and post them to a website.

That’s Not How My Teacher Said to Do IT!

Janna Laughon
2009 CUE Conference

Important Links:


(Allows Audacity to encode files as MP3.  It doesn’t matter where you put this file, but you’ll need to find it again.  The Audacity program folder is a good place to park it!)

 Win:   http://lame.buanzo.com.ar/
Mac:   http://spaghetticode.org/lame


Podcasting Guru – Brian Bridges (CLRN Director)
Awesome handouts – tips and tricks – links to incredible tutorials!




 How to make a simple Podcast

 1.  Make a digital recording – use a script or outline if needed

    ·        Digital audio recorder – Expensive! 
·        Record directly into Audacity – cheap! 


  2.  Edit your recording in Audacity

·        Fix problems

·        Attach a musical intro and/or exit

·        Add a personal introduction

 3.  Export the file as an MP3

·        Don’t forget to locate Lame (you only have to do this once!)

·        Save the MP3 to your desktop or a folder

 4.  Uplink the file to a website

·        Gcast (accessible through iTunes)

·        Website (Try Wikispaces – free!)


An inexpensive microphone (USB or 3.5 mm jack)  I prefer the "headphone-type" 3.5 mm microphones. 

A Digital Audio Recorder (DAR) is great, but don't worry if you don't have one.  DAR's are darn expensive!

Try not to buy anything.  Remember:  the concept here is cheap, so "borrow" a microphone from someone who uses Skype or plays WOW.